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The little added extras

Of course, when the Pet Nanny visits your home, your pets will be pampered and loved.  But, we also take time to care for your home while you are away.


As your furry family enjoys their fresh food and water, clean litter box and fluffed up pillows, long walks and pet games, we will also:


  • Check the mailbox

  • Bring in the newspaper

  • Water your plants

  • Turn on/off lights

  • Open/close the curtains and blinds

  • Put the trash to the curb

  • ...And much, much more!


We will also keep you informed of our day to let you know of the good times we had. We can leave you a note for when you return, or send you a text message.  We can call on the phone to touch base, and of course, feel free to reach out to us!




If there is anything we can do to give you peace of mind, just ask!

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