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Pet Sitting


Your fur-balls will stay safe and secure in the comfort of their own home.  We know they'll be excited for our visits!  So whether you need us during a stay in the hospital, long days at work, or a fun vacation, our professional pet sitters are here to help!


If you need assistance with day to day care, we'll be with you to help feed, water, bathe, clean the litter box, or just play with your pals!


Our goal is to keep our visits as close to your pets' normal routine as possible.  If you regularly snuggle on the couch, or you're out playing fetch, or walking around the block, that is what you'll find us doing as well! 





30 Minute Visit

This is perfect for those pups and kits who need basic care and a little extra attention.  Just enough time for feeding and a little playtime exercise!  And, of course we'll scoop the litter if need be!


$30.00 for up to 3 pets.  ($2.00 for each additional friend)


45 Minute Visit

With this visit, your pet gets all the "extras" that makes for tons of fun!  Once all the

"need to's" are taken care of (like food, water, bathroom, clean-up, home-care), there's plenty of time for an engaging walk, a game of fetch, or some cuddling on the couch.  If you plan to be out for the day, this visit gives your pets all the love and attention they crave!


$40.00 for up to 3 pets. ($2.00 for each additional friend)


1 Hour Visit

When you choose this option, we spend a full hour with your furry family, which is ideal for pets who need extra exercise or specialized care.


$50.00 for up to 3 pets. ($2.00 for each additional friend)


All-inclusive Overnight Stay

We offer overnight pet sitting with one of our highly trained, fully insured and bonded nannies.  Our aim is to maintain your pets' regular routine from an afternoon visit from 4-7pm, then tuck-in by 9:30pm, and stay until the morning routine is complete at 9:00am.  Not only will your pets be comfortable in their own beds, but you can rest easy as well, knowing there is someone watching your home while you are gone.


$85.00 for up to 3 pets. ($5.00 for each additional friend)

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